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X, Z, and space doesn't do anything

is this game not being released?

Game is overall amazing, hope you could make the full game soon. Love the art and everything the game provides. Keep up the good work!


The game doesn't work for me, I press all the buttons it tells me but it won't do what I tell it

It is a really well made and pretty game, with couple of flaws which I believe are result of this being just a demo. I would not keep the version with only joystick controls as different download, as I did not realize and got the wrong version first (I know it is all well titled and such, but it is much easier to miss it than it may seem). I also think information of how controls work plus mini main menu would be a good addition to the demo version rather than just throwing you in game. 

Do you have a release date for final version in mind?

The art is absolutely beautiful and so is the gameplay! I've been longing for a game like this :) Good work guys!

thank you so much! <3  we're hoping to make this into a full game, please look forward to it~

I AM looking forward to it ! :D If you're planning to make it a paid game, I'll be 100% willing to buy it! ^____^