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This will always be my favorite game ever! I played it almost 3 years ago during my first years of highschool, I was surrounded by people but have never felt so lonely before, I would always play 1 episode of it each night so the game would last longer and it did help. When it was done I didn't feel sad or anything just felt like it was a good experience :) 

I'm now playing Coffe Talk 2 and I'm gonna be honest, I spoiled myself on the ending, I don't know why but I just went ahead and looked it up on youtube. Once I woke up and remembered it and I felt so sad and teared up a little because of its meaning, I think the ending was satisfying and a good way to say "Good-bye" to the series ❤️

I'm trying to launch the game on my Mac and I get an error message reading "The application "CoffeeTalk" can't be opened." What should I do?

First, right click it & chose "open", if it says "can't run game", then close the window. However right click on it again, chose "open" & it'll ask if you want to run it, then click yes and it should play

It doesn't ask if I want to run it. I just get the error message each time I try, whether I double-click or right-click the application.

Great game!


This game is so cool! I love the entire coffee shop premise, it's such a calming experience. The characters are all very interesting and it's so lovely to hear their stories and eexperiences. Love the art as well!!! Thank you for the wonderful game c:

I paid for the game using my credit card, however I did not receive the download link, my transaction went through and when I tried to recover the missing money it didnt work, does anyone know what to do in this situation??

Is there a way to email the devs?


Two things to try:

Go to your Itch library, and check if the game is there. (You can also get to the library through the menu dropdown in the upper right of every main Itch page + most game pages.)

If it isn't, contact's support.

GOG has it too.




R.I.P. Fahmi...You helped make something special here <3. It's a classic on our Switch...

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rest in peace fahmi you will be missed :(



Not sure if it's an issue on my behalf but when trying to open the application on mac it says "You do not have permission to open this application on CoffeeTalk". I've never had this issue opening any other mac games on itch so if anyone has any idea ^^ :)

same heree on a mac! its been saying "this application can't be opened" :'(

My friend is also struggling with this. Have you guys found a solution yet?

When you're about to open the game:
Right-click (or ctrl-click) and select "Open"

It might present the "This application can't be opened." 

If it does, then repeat the above instruction and the second time should present an option to allow you to "Open" the app anyway. It wont ask you again after that.

If that doesn't work, then the devs will need to apply a fix 🤷 Hope this helps.

ughhhh the main story is soooo good and so short!!! it ended and I am so so so so sad because I want... more. more from these characters, ugh. it's so good!!! is there a sequel planned???

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I LOVE THIS GAME!!! The humour of this was fantastic, plus I got to live the dream of running a fantasy coffee shop vicariously through this game. Thank you!!

I do also apologise for the voices I gave the characters. CAN'T WAIT FOR EPISODE 2


never thought i would be so hooked up to this game, really an amazing experience 8/10


But then what prevented it from being a 10/10?


for me its 100/10

This game is absolutely amazing, my favorite character was the werewolf, that being said, I didnt play through the whole thing so I have more to discover, but still.

I am not usually a fan of these types of games, but i really enjoyed playing this.

its a very relaxing mix of music, making coffee, and talking to people  


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.


Hey, I was thinking of buying this game but I realised it was released on steam. Does the version on itch still get updated?



I have this game both on pc and switch. I love the soundtrack , characters, art, it's such a fun and well-made game. Thanks for making such a great game!


how do you save on pc in the game

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there is an option to save game, just hit esc and it should pop up in the menu.


I absolutely love this game. Gorgeous graphics, intriguing characters + storyline, plus it's really chill and a great way to relax.


This game is also on Nintendo Switch with a demo.


Beautiful, comforting game in discomforting times. A breath of fresh air and humanity.


Hi, is a Linux build planned so far ? I'd pay more than double for it


Hi! We are really sorry that we still don't have plan for Linux version.

Thanks, I'll try to make it run on wine

Did you manage to run it on wine? I was planning to try this one, but I wanted to make sure it is wine compatible first.

No yet, I didn't buy the game, you ?


Hey, I just finished playing the game on wine. It works, but if you switch to another application (say, if you have multiple monitors and click on firefox or something), the game freezes.

I love this game! I bought it on Steam and got super into it when I was playing the demo. I don't know why but I find this game very calming and enjoy it quite a bit.

Thank you for playing!


I love it it so far, I am glad i bought it. Its pretty relaxing. 


Thanks for enjoying the game!


played the demo on xbox! I love it! :D


Thanks a lot!

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Yes finally. I am happy to enjoy this game. :D

Thank you, glad that you like it!


Can I kick all the elves out and tell'em to fuck off? Thats my plan if i own the coffee shop. That and putting vodka in the coffee.


Putting vodka in coffee? That's literally what i do during my summative assessments in school not to die during them.


What, what, it's finally out?! Finally, at least one good bit of news