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I absolutely love this game. Gorgeous graphics, intriguing characters + storyline, plus it's really chill and a great way to relax.


This game is also on Nintendo Switch with a demo.


Beautiful, comforting game in discomforting times. A breath of fresh air and humanity.


Hi, is a Linux build planned so far ? I'd pay more than double for it


Hi! We are really sorry that we still don't have plan for Linux version.

Thanks, I'll try to make it run on wine

Did you manage to run it on wine? I was planning to try this one, but I wanted to make sure it is wine compatible first.

No yet, I didn't buy the game, you ?

I love this game! I bought it on Steam and got super into it when I was playing the demo. I don't know why but I find this game very calming and enjoy it quite a bit.

Thank you for playing!

I love it it so far, I am glad i bought it. Its pretty relaxing. 

Thanks for enjoying the game!


played the demo on xbox! I love it! :D


Thanks a lot!

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Yes finally. I am happy to enjoy this game. :D

Thank you, glad that you like it!


Can I kick all the elves out and tell'em to fuck off? Thats my plan if i own the coffee shop. That and putting vodka in the coffee.


Putting vodka in coffee? That's literally what i do during my summative assessments in school not to die during them.


What, what, it's finally out?! Finally, at least one good bit of news