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Writing and design
Mohammad Fahmi - @fahmitsu

Dio Mahesa - @i_am_dio
Hendry Roesly - @iceztiq

UI/UX Design
Adlan Arvyanda Ramly - @funkypostulate

Fredrik Lauwrensius - @fredriklauw
Jovan Anggara - @FujiwaraLunasa

Sound and project management
Andrew Jeremy - @NdruJeremy


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Coffee Talk is a game about listening to people's problems and help them by serving a warm drink out of the ingredients you have. It is a game that tries to depict our lives as humanly as possible, while having a cast that is more than just humans.

Developed and published by Toge Productions, the game was inspired by the calm feelings of drinking warm drinks in the middle of a cold rainy night, alone or accompanied by friends. The game features visual aesthetics that are inspired by 90s anime, classic pixel art adventure games, and the chill imageries often associated with lo-fi chillhop music.

Immerse yourself in the stories of alternative Seattle inhabitans, from the dramatic love story between an elf and a succubus, an alien journey trying to understand human's life, and many other stories that we might be able to relate a lot.

The game features:

  • Tales of people around the alternative Seattle, a city where elves, orcs, mermaids, and many other fantasy races live together with humans in a modern world we are familiar with
  • Branching story lines where the decisions do not come from the dialogue options you choose, but through how you treat and serve the customers of your café
  • 90s anime inspired pixel art visual and chill vibes inducing color palette to help you immerse yourself in the game's world
  • Selection of jazzy and lo-fi music to accompany the late night warm drinks and talks activities
  • An experience to make you think, feels, and help rest your body and soul

Coffee Talk was previously part of internal game jam held by Toge Productions under the title Project Green Tea Latte. You can try the game jam version here.


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Did a little video on this, I really enjoyed it! It has amazing graphics and could really calm someone down. 

i really, really enjoyed this!! the style is perfect, the music suits the atmosphere, everything flows, and it's just fun and well-written. i'm so, so excited to play more of this!!!!!!!

Gave it a go...

This is exactly the kind of game people need to unwind after a long day. It's chilled out, laid-back, relaxing and at the same time oddly gripping. Even though we only get to see two stories in this demo, they both really piqued my interest and now I simply HAVE to know what happens to everyone!

The mixture of interactive story and hot drink brewing is definitely unique, and having to make sure you throw the right ingredients together whilst awaiting more personal tales from your customers is a real delight!

The character design and subtle animations are beautiful, and the smooth music floating around softly in the background add to the atmosphere wonderfully.

I honestly can't wait to play more of this in the future, keep up the amazing work! =)

As a game / narrative designer and former barista, I'm so hyped for this game. <3 I'll gladly help, if you reach out to me. :)  ( a[dot]bourguenolle[at]gmail[dot]com )

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What Genre of music is this game's music? I really enjoyed it!

EDIT: also, could you upload it to spotify?

The game has jazzy and lo-fi chillhop soundtrack. We will upload it once the game is out ;)

I had checked the first rough version, and this is improved very well since Green Tea Latte. The Phone Apps which detailed on the customers' profile, a room for alluring BGM selection, and smoother platform graphic with the return of previous couple in Green Tea Latte are all so delightful. I hope the recipe details could be more advanced  (I recall that I found zero description in one kind of the drinks, whether it's Hot Chocolate or Cappucino or other Latte drinks) and it will be kind to add more drinks variations at least like what the prototype one had.

Here I am cheering up for the final version and glad to found another Indonesian indie game devs ^^

My written review featuring Coffee Talk

"Regardless of the setting’s appeal to players, it should be noted that Coffee Talk’s careful combination of bean-brewing and chillhop tracks are gratifying enough to stand on their own."

Above: an accurate representation of local Seattle journalism

Took a peek at this on my stream. Wound up cutting it short since it's not the sort of thing I can stream, but man is it the kind of vibe I want to live in. I just wanna hang in that coffee shop, honestly.

short review: warm

This is soothing and has so much potential! Can't wait for the final version. I wanna make more drinks! :D

I enjoyed the storyyy!!! But, it's just sad that it has no saving point (because it was not yet finished). I love the graphics and the characters themselves (dunno if they represent somebody in real life). I'm going to wait for this game's final product. Keep up the good work! It's worth it. :)


This game is relaxing and has a great storyline about the characters and the city. Not to mention, you can make coffee, lattes, or hot chocolate for the customers while listening to their problems. I would definitely play this game when it’s relwased on Steam. 10 / 10! 

I find this extremely relaxing, made a let's play on it. Looking forward to more content like this!

this is so beautifully well-made, very relaxing and visually astounding~

A very relaxing and chill game. Love the music and the environment and also the conversations, but I would like the game to have decision making so the player is a bit more involved.

Best thing is this game is ambience: music + visuals + text combination is great. I would add longer music pieces tho. Looking forward for the full release. Congrats.

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I love this game, really, just a chill visual novel; the music is great, the idea of the bar is awesome, i love the graphic of the game!

I'll wait for the full game *^*

Excited for full release! Looks great :)

Sorry for being a bother, but I am trying to play the game and it seems the mouse cursor is invisible to me.

Any kind of solution for this problem?

Thank you.

Thanks for the Chinese localization. Nice translation.

One advice: 

In China we mostly use Alipay and Wechat in online payment, so please consider about adding them into the supporting ways.

Thanks a lot. The translation was done by a community member who also did the localization for VA-11 HALL-A

As for payment, once the game is released, we will mainly sell it on Steam. In fact you can check the Steam page and wishlist it now here bit.ly/ct-steam

(1 edit)

Love this urban fantasy setting, great game to just sit back and cruise through the story. Very excited to see this game develop-- and as a side note, if I were to add anything, I'd prefer a little tutorial for making drinks on the first time 'round-- I think that'd be really handy.

We're working on it now, although you will only see it in the full release version.

The tutorial itself will probably be part of the story, so it won't feel like the usual tutorial you found (nothing is set on stone yet)

Any plans on releasing the soundtrack?

Definitely, hopefully it'll be available on Steam, iTunes, and Spotify the same day as when the game is out

I really enjoyed this game a lot! and i look forward to playing it fully when it come out! Here the lets play i did about it! eps 2 coming soon!


Hi everyone,

We just uploaded a new build with bugs fixes and Chinese localization.

We also have launched our Steam page, do visit and give the game a wishlist


The Steam page says it'll be available "sometimes" next year. Unless you mean the game will periodically be taken down and then brought back throughout the year I think you meant "sometime" instead.


Thanks for the correction! Fixed

(1 edit)

This was a cool game so far! Great job! It is really chill to play with a great premise! The writing, art style, and music all fit together nicely.  Are you considering adding an option to just mix different combinations? I enjoy the story so far, just curious! By the way  good luck with the rest of the game.

The brewing mechanic will probably be not too different from the demo once the game is out.

Basically you can mix anything (but not base ingredients with other base, except for milk), so you won't get a failed drinks from any combination possible

As a barista myself, I was immediately drawn to this, like "I do this for work! I should be good at this! :D" And I'm basically in love with everything VA-11 HALL-A is, so that helped too. 

Once I got the feel for the how the drink system works, making the actual drinks was a piece of cake, and it felt so awesome when I would get it right on the first try. The music is superb on its own, but I really feel like the ambient rain sounds were what gave it that chill coffee shop vibe. 

It'd be cool if the characters' facial expressions were more varied, specifically to show when things are tense or someone is upset. It was strange reading text that conveyed a disagreement yet the faces of those disagreeing were soft half-smiles. On that note though, I adored Freya's little head droop, and the art itself is gorgeous. 

I can't wait until the full game is released! I'm definitely going to be buying it then! Best of luck to you all~

Woah, getting an approval from a barista is such an honour for us!

We're still working on improving the animation. Do wait for the full version


You know its science fiction if there is an editor wanting short stories.

Two big things I noticed:

1. Small animation errors? Lua seems to gain then loose detail when she looks side to side?

2. Drinks. Please let the drink page of the phone have the info. It's annoying trying to find out if the drink you made IS what was ordered or is sliiiiightly off the mark. Finding it in the first place is also a tad annoying to someone with zero knowledge of coffee.

Thanks for the feedbacks!

1. We're going to polish the animation even more. In fact some of them are actually done, but adding it to the demo might take too long so we'll include it in the full game instead

2. The recipe app will only show special drinks, as for the other drinks, any combination is possible, and we'll make it not that punishing for the players

(1 edit) (+1)

I am too dumb to even get together a triple shot espresso. What a lovely game! :-)

Thanks! We haven't made a proper tutorial or explanation anyway, so we're to blame here


"To Be Continued" Noooooooooooo~!

Anyways, yes, I loved this. I loved all of it. The aesthetic, the dialogue, everythiiiiiiing. It's VA-11 HALL-A's chill little sister and it's so good. I'm already tossing my wallet at the screen. I cannot wait for you guys to release the full game. 

The potential of your game is just amazing. I have already written in my recommendation article that I can very well imagine that it (in the form of a full version release in the future) could stand in a line together with "The Red Strings Club" and "VA-11 Hall-A". It just has the same vibe. <3 Nevertheless, I would like to emphasize once again what makes this game so special in my opinion: It leaves players the time and peace to discover the entire world scenario through the narrated stories. If an order is a little off the mark, then it is not a big problem, what needs to be corrected later. And so, at my own pace, I can discover all the details that flow into the stories. That's just fantastic! And I do not even want to start to talk about the terrific pixel art, because then I could not stop anymore. <3 (Freya's grinning animation is so well done!) A real little masterpiece, thanks for that! I hope that the playthrough video we uploaded may send even more players and interested people to you. :) I will keep an eye on the project in any case!

Best wishes,


Thank you so much for the kind words and support Sebastian!

Do wait for the full release :)

(1 edit)

Hello!  I just started and love it so far! I feel a bit lost with trying to figure out how to get the right combo for what the customers want; but my main wonder is-- I saved my file, but I could not load it when I started the game back up? 

EDIT: Ah, I realized why I couldn't load the next day.  I can't wait for the finished game-- you have me hooked with the story telling aspect and the art as well.  The only thing I dislike so far is that the player character is coded Male.  Once completed, are there plans for the player to potentially choose their pronouns? 

Thanks a lot!

For the save system, it's pretty silly but we forgot to hide them for the demo. The feature will only be available on the full version.

As for the barista's gender, there are some remnants of the early writing we haven't change and also the fact I'm not used to write gender neutral character in English. But having options or simply make the character gender neutral is what we're aiming for, hopefully we can pull that off nicely.

(1 edit)

Toge Productions.

You have created a superb and charming game with a mood so soothing and loose, it can be played just to relieve stress. 

It also depicts an intriguing racial narrative that can easily be compared to our society in this day and age.

The dialogue is also well-written, it is no masterpiece but it keeps me entertained.

I only have a single thing to say to you lot... You are all evil. You are wicked, do you wanna know why? 

'To be continued.'

Aww thank you so much for the kind words

You are very welcome.

I really liked this demo. Who doesn't like rainy nights?
Looking forward that I can see more of it. Thank you. :)

Incredible polished in clean game, considered it was a game jam entry. 

incredible pixel art for the characters and very clean menus and UI

Is it okay to stream this game? I'm a random nobody, I was only curious, in case some friends wanted to check it out while I was playing.

Stream away, share it with your friends, any support is appreciated.

OKi doki.  figured I'd ask, just to be sure and polite.
Thank you :)

So unfortunately when i tried to stream it, the game crashed.  i'm not entirely sure why lol. it worked fine before, and then i turned it off and set it up to stream, and i got as far as the choose your name and the game crashed.
and now it just refuses to go past the unity logo without it crashing.

Ouch! DId you do anything different then you're previous playthrough?

What's the graphic card and the drivers you're using?

I didnt play through the entire 1st night. I basically stopped once i figured out the basics and then set up to stream.
I have an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 750 Ti

Driver wise I'm just using whatever the latest GeForce drive is.  version 398.36 of the game ready driver.
Dunno if thats helpful, i'm not the best with the more in depth computer stuff.

When i set it up to stream all i did was spend a couple minutes fiddling with the audio until it sounded right and then hit new game, got to naming my character and hitting confirm.  After that... crash.  and after every other time i've booted it up, both on its own and in the Itch.io app has been the unity logo, and then the window goes black, then it basically goes to not responding and it goes kaput.

i've tried various options, changing the Resolution, changing to window'd mode.

the only thing i can say I really changed between the 2 playthroughs is that I unplugged my ps4 pad from the computer after seeing that it was interfering with the game controls.

Very nice game! Super chill to play while the baby's sleeping. :-) I wish the demo was longer, though. That's a good sign, right? :-)

I noticed a couple of errors. When Lua and Baileys introduce themselves, and it gets your turn, I got "I'm baristaName." with my name written above the speech bubble. Later, when Lua tells Baileys to ask the bartender about annoying clients, she says "You should ask <Barista name> here about how to deal with annoying clients.".

And, Oct 1. 2020 is a Thursday, not a Monday. ;-)

Thanks a lot Thomas!

Yup, we've fixed the bug on the latest build. And we definitely didn't even realize the fact about the date, hahaha

Will there be a Mac version? I really want to play this. :(

Hey, the Mac version is already available since yesterday. But I made a stupid mistake by registering it as Linux instead. Pardon me for the confusion, it should run just fine now.

Will there be an actual Linux version? :)

We will consider it, but looking at past experiences, we can't promise much

lovely demo! really comfy, makes me want to drink coffee even though i don't like it. i'll be sure to drink some when playing the eventual full release!

i like the idea of playing fom the POV of an old guy, but maybe this should be more clear when naming him? i inserted my own name and i'm a woman, so it was a bit weird being referred as he/him and called pops, haha.

i can't wait for the full game. good luck for you all!

Thank you!

To be honest we're kind of aiming to make it gender neutral, but some parts of the old writing were still there and surpsingly it's harder to write the barista from a gender neutral perspective. Hopefully we can pull it off for the full release

ooh that's nice! i'm sure you will be able to pull it off!

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