A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Project Green Tea Latte is a game that focuses on narrative and interaction between an owner and barista of a cafe with the visitors. Set in a modern world where human, elf, orc, and other fantasy races live their daily life, the game aims to tell stories not unlike the stories of people around us while breaking the traditional norm of fantasy fiction.

Music: "I fell in love with you one night in September" by Rook1e

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How to play

  1. Click or press Space/Enter to proceed with the story
  2. Read
  3. Serve drinks

Install instructions

  1. Download the version according to the OS you are using
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Run the extracted file


GTL Windows.zip 17 MB
GTL_MAC.app.tar.gz 19 MB


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It's a fun little game/prototype for sure! Though I did struggle at the last two, is it supposed to be like that? If so I understand but if I possibly missed it then I'd like to know what the correct combination is, other than that great little prototype, I'm excited to be able to play Coffee Talk when I can!!

You make such lovely fun games!

I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.


It's fun to see how the game changed after playing the full release of Coffee Talk.

I was kind of suprised to see that the plotline of Lua and Baileys relationship was kept until the full game.

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i love the pixel art!! also the music gives a good coffeeshop vibe. i'm a little confused about the brewing drinks, i can't seem to get the drinks right (other than hot chocolate) and i don't know what i'm doing wrong! any hints?

would love to see this further developed!! awesome work <3

Thanks a lot! We are actually working on the full updated version of the game. You can try playing the "more proper" version here