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Project Homecoming Haven At Your Service

“We know how hard it is, to see your beloved ones leave.

To see the room they’ve left, their space without their presence.

You don’t have to face the grief alone.

We can help you.

With Homecoming Haven Trauma Cleaners, we can help you clean up rooms full of memories

too painful to look at and save you from the grief of facing the space initially left by your loved ones.

You don’t have to face everything by yourself.

Let us help you.”

The Gameplay

Play as a Trauma Cleaner; a housecleaning service that receives requests from bereaving families to clean up rooms and houses left by the deceased. 

In your job, you will learn about those who left the world of their own volition or others. Learn about the life they lived, choose belongings of the deceased to be given to their families, or keep them for yourself to grow your Trauma Cleaning business.

Uncover Hidden Stories

The environment of each home tells a unique story about the homeowner's life and experiences.

Items Reveal Stories

Items found in the homes provide further insights into the homeowners' lives and relationships.

Choices Affect Storytelling

Players' decisions regarding give or kept items can influence the storytelling and reveal additional narrative elements.

Control Info

Team Haven

  • Mada Mahatma | Game Director/Programmer
  • Aulia Rahmat | Narrative Designer
  • Andrew Jeremy | Game Designer/Audio Engineer
  • Fredrik Lauwrensius | Programmer
  • Lukman Alfian | Programmer
  • Panji AS | Technical Art/2D Artist
  • Seto Nugroho | 2D Artist
  • Rolanzi (Mas Oi) | 3D Artist
  • M. Sultan Maulana (Alan)  | 3D Artist
  • Salman Faris A. | 3D Artist
Updated 19 days ago
Published 28 days ago
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorsToge Productions, Oggy The Wanderer, pineakl, amzngredpanda, kira_otosai, szaruman
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Casual, environmental-storytelling, Low-poly, Narrative, Pixel Art, Relaxing, Slice Of Life


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Great short game. I enjoy to play Indonesia Video Games

The graphics themselves are lovely, and I really appreciate the concept of the game, but the gameplay does need a little bit of work. I think a tutorial would really work wonders for making the game flow smoother. I didn't really understand what was happening at first, and was expecting a game somewhat similar to Unpacking from the premise, so not being able to put things back onto shelves and being kind of "trapped" by the limited range of the avatar was a little annoying.

Other people have already mentioned adding a brief tutorial for how the controls work, but there are a few other ones you could add too. If I had understood "walk close to objects you want to remove to pick them up" then both the goal of the game and the mechanics wouldve been much easier to jump into. I think a popup mentioning that you get to select three items from the room to leave for the family would be nice too, that way you know without being explicitly told that whatever three items you choose will influence how the family reacts. 

The popups for interacting with furniture are also clunky as hell. I don't think they really need to be there at all. Not every mat or table needs to be described if we can't meaningfully interact with it. It's better to just leave things blank and have no prompts or pop-ups if we can't actually do anything with the object.

This is a super lovely game you've got, and I think if you polish it up and add a few more levels it could turn into something really well received. But it does need some polishing, and some guidance to help it become something more solid.

I really like the game. Very cute, the only things i would add are maybe a short tutorial option. 

Wow this game was absolutely amazing and sad game 10/10 well done keep it up!

I think I'd like to see the game become a longer experience, with a focus on encompassing and dealing with multiple forms of grief - loss through themes like the video, ambiguous loss (alzheimer's perhaps, loss of a friend), perhaps the aching but understanding loss of a natural/peaceful passing. I'd have liked more descriptions on items or thoughts from the protag while cleaning the space up, it also feels a little icky to not be able to clean the furniture. The game is beautiful with a great concept, though, I really want more!

beautiful gameplay, nice graphic, short gameplay, nice story

The sad but beautiful artwork, made in 3D x 2D, full of realism, was wonderful!

It is very interesting that the story is revealed in fragments and then the story is connected by showing it to the client at the end.


Really cute aesthetics. While I enjoyed everything, collecting items accidentally opened the text related to the object it is kept on like a shelf. While it was alright, it did get frustrating sometimes when you had to pick a lot of stuff and the dialogue popped up every time

Just finished the demo and I gotta say I love the concept ^^ There's layers of emotional meaning and makes me actually take a closer look at each item instead of just throwing them into the inventory like other house-flipping games

However, there were a few moments where I felt a bit lost. While the intro email set the scene, I needed clearer instructions on cleaning tasks and object interaction within the game. The itch.io page explained things later, but in-game guidance would be fantastic

Additionally, after cleaning Adam's room, the scene switch to the street with the moving box was unclear. I waited for prompts or actions, but nothing happened, leading me to think the demo ended even though credits weren't there. Eventually, I figured out I could move the character and stumbled upon Joyce for clues. I'm thinking some optional pop-up guides or visual cues would greatly improve accessibility and engagement for newbies like me

I understand that the game is still under development, and I appreciate the hard work you've put into creating such a unique experience. I'm definitely looking forward to the day the game is released  。^‿^。

I liked the concept and the graphics, but orange text on a yellowish-orange background is pretty much unreadable to me. It's also difficult to see what I'm writing here. 


Relaxing gameplay. I think this will be my next favorite game when it is released XD. But here is a little feedback.

I think the naration in the beginning of the game could be made click-based (I don't know the technical term, sorry), because it might be a little too fast. It would be nice to let the players to finish reading it before proceed. 

Hello, thank you for playing our game and sharing your feedback. We appreciate your kind words and constructive suggestions. We're glad you enjoyed the game and found it interesting.

We're currently working on improving the game based on the feedback We received. We'll be releasing an update soon with some improvements and bug fixes. We hope you'll check it out and let me know what you think.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement. It means a lot to us as game developers. Have a great day!

I like the premise... I like sad stories :')

For the gameplay, I'm not sure the keyboard is needed, I think it's better if it's all using only mouse...

I wish, when I collect item, I could inspect it directly before it goes into my backpack, so I don't need to open my backpack to inspect them one by one.

Telling the stories with the objects are really nice, couldn't wait what's next!

Hello Ali! Thank you for playing with our game, really appreciate your feedback. We'll update the game as soon as possible with some improvements and bug fixes.

Thank you again for your support & feedback. It means a lot to us as game developers. Have a great day!